Hummel Creative

Á La Carte Artist Agent


The Artists

Amy Richmond

Fashion Lifestyle Photographer - Nashville, TN & New York, NY

Amy Richmond’s photography and styling has an undeniable west coast vibe. Amy consistently delivers colorful moments that are sun-filled and free-spirited.

Anastasia Page

Portrait & Lifestyle Photographer - New York, New York

Based in New York City, Anastasia Page captures gorgeous portraits and perfect moments of young adults living in today’s Brooklyn.

Halski Studio

Film & Photography Duo - St. Louis, MO

Meg and Mark are the creative duos behind Halski Studio. With their nimble and efficient approach to production, they are able to bring a genuine and relatable approach to crafting brand stories that resonate with the brand’s audience.

Jacob Hand

Photographer & Director - Chicago, IL

Jacob Hand photographs natural, personal, in-depth photographs of the real world and the people in it.

Jesse Winter

Photographer - New York, NY

 Jesse works largely in the realm of portrait photography, though his work extends across many genres including editorial, documentary, commercial and environmental.

Lisa Sciascia

Photographer - New York, NY and Chicago, IL

Lisa’s masterful eye for detail and graphic boldness lend a hand in making her photo’s stylish, energetic, and full of flair.

Lucila Blumencweig

Photographer - New York, NY & Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Lucila loves photographing fashion/lifestyle and kids. She has a fantastic eye for color and a fun attitude in her imagery.

Starboard & Port

Photography Duo - Springfield, MO

S&P is driven through George’s attention to detail and precision in conjunction with Chase’s creative visualization and communication.

Scott Thompson

Photographer and director - Chicago, Illinois

Scott’s work strives to tell the stories of his subjects through imagery that brings to the surface the nuanced beauty of everyday adventures.

Tetsuya Toshima

Art Director / Space Designer / Visual Artist - Tokyo, Japan

Tetsuya is all about proposing new expressions and using visual effects to connect clients and the world. His creations have not only been used in print advertising but also as elements of design within packaging, wall decor, shoes, and much more.